My whole life, I’ve been surrounded by and deeply involved in the arts. I’m a fine, graphic and commercial visual artist and photographer — traditional and experimental with multiple disciplines and mediums. I’m also a maker, woodworker and stained glass artist.

One of my side-projects, on display at my NKB studio, is a series called "Lens Painted”. Simply explained — my camera is my brush and everything becomes my paint. In other words, I use my cameras with practiced motions like a brush. Using scenes, objects and textures as paint with various exposure techniques. Printed to canvas, I hand paint with acrylics, add handmade papers and other materials to turn them into unique mixed-media pieces.

With a 30+ year career in arts and advertising, I’ve bridged both the traditional and digital worlds. While I’m professionally satisfied as a senior art director/designer in advertising, the fine arts are what I’m most passionate about. My work has received numerous recognitions, local and national awards, exhibited and published widely.